rpm rc products

  1. L


    Any RPM PARTS for ECX AMP MT. Need for speed
  2. rendnb

    RPM oversized rear hub carriers

    Just installed the RPM rear hub carriers, or rather, the OVERSIZED rear hub carriers. They take a bigger bearing than the stock ones. Instead of 5x10x4 its 5x11x4 (if you pick these up, make sure you buy new bearings with them as they don't come with them). Yes, they say 1mm exponentially...
  3. Joshnewb

    installed RPM SSE and new mg servo, now truck steers itself

    Just installed RPM Servo Saver Eliminator and now the truck randomly steers itself left or right. Not sure what is going on. everything installed right, but maybe screw too tight or screw not tight enough
  4. Joshnewb

    Need help installing RPM servo saver eliminator

    i've got the front skid plate removed, but i can't get the screw out to remove the bell crank what have i forgotten or done wrong? please help, frustrated and stuck
  5. R

    High-torque metal gear servo

    Hello, One newbie question. When upgrading to a high-torque metal gear servo, should I also install a servo-saver eliminator, such as RPM's 73492? Thank you in advance
  6. Blackstare

    My ECX AMP - First RC

    Hello everyone, now that I have been more into the hobby I can show you my Amp and a few upgrades that i've done. Before the first run :) ECX Aluminum turbuckles, aftermarket front bearings, Boost control arms and links (shorter) Applied team Losi 40 shock oil, replaced shock screws...
  7. MADitto

    Shoulder screws coming out of the RPM caster block

    I have seen this issued mentioned in a few different post. I am having the same problem. I have lost at least 3 shoulder screws. Form what I can see the friction from the caster block on the screw is backing the screw out as you turn the wheels. I have tried a small out of gear grease...
  8. X

    RPM Servo-Saver Eliminator Install/ Review on Amp MT

    Many have posted about the RPM Servo-Saver Eliminator. I figured I'd do a more in depth look at the kit and install. RPM part# 73492 is the kit used for this install. It is done on an Amp MT, but the kit also fits the Boost, Ruckus, Circuit and Torment. RPM Servo-Saver Eliminator Bellcrank...
  9. mrc82

    RPM servo illiminator/metal gear servo finally complete!!

    So I couldn't stand the slop in the steering and I purchased the rpm servo eliminator bell crank. I loved it, but it destroyed my stock servo. So I purchased one of the recommended metal gear servos on here. Enter the mg996r, strong as hell. It couldn't center itself on small turns. My money was...
  10. i_r_beej

    ECX Boost RPM steering upgrades

    As part of my quest to create a Boost that's not just race-ready, but race-worthy, I've begun a series of upgrades featuring RPM's excellent after-market replacement parts. First up is the "RPM Servo Saver Eliminator Bellcrank." The set ships with Delrin bushings that are a good, close fit and...
  11. mrc82

    Rpm bell crank-has anyone installed this????

    I purchased the rpm servo eliminator and the bearings to replace the bushings. I was wondering if the circuit or amp guys have done this swap and which servo saver I should use
  12. mrc82

    Rpm bell crank-has anyone installed this?

    So I purchased the bell crank servo eliminator from rpm. I also ordered the bearings to upgrade the bushings. What I need to figure out now is which servo saver to use