Ecx Circuit 2wd brushed. No throttle need help

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I have a problem with an ECX circuit i just bought recently my problem is when i turn it on the car has throttle for a short amount of time. Maybe only a couple of seconds or so. And then it just stops, and all I can do is steer. The esc Blinks red. And I don't know what that means. Help is greatly appreciated.


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What battery do you have? Did you buy it new or used? What voltage is the battery measuring and what charger are you using?


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sounds like the esc/rx is cutting off the voltage to the motor which indecates a dead or low battery,its designed to do that. Are you using the plug in wall charger and battery that came with the truck? If so those chargers are notorius for false peaking/chargeing batteries.If you bought the truck at your local hobby store take them in and have them checked. Or if you can check the battery yourself it needs to show a minimum 7 to 7.2 volts anything below that it has a bad cell(bad battery) needs to be replaced. If so look into a better battery charger combo as your first up grade.


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Last Minute, let me put my 2 cents in. First you said it was a brushed system, are using a LiPo or a NiMH battery. Some systems will automatically switch from NiMH to LiPo, others you have to program, some with jumpers. With my experience if the system is set for LiPo and you use a NiMH battery you will only run for a few minutes, and even seconds sucking that NiMH dry real fast. The other comments above for sure could be your problem also. You may also have defective ESC. When the ECS blinks red it means the charge in the battery has reached its voltage cut-off and needs to be recharged. When using an NiMH battery there is no voltage cut-off. A 2 cell LiPo 5000 mAh 30C will give you longer run times then a NiMH battery.

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