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  1. CumminsFan

    Ecx temper trail truck axle swap

    Finally got around to putting back together my ecx temper. I swapped some everest 10 axles on to it. Had it's first short test drive today. Debating on whether or not to stay with the brushless and go with a mamba micro x, or go back to brushed and go with the 390 doomsday motor and a hobbywing...
  2. RcTaT

    Worth upgrading ECX AMP to metal parts?

    Well I upgraded the amp, sorted the spur problem, however now the little beast goes so fast, I lost the battle with a 1:1 car wheel and I smashed the front end 😂😂😂 My question is.... is it worth getting metal parts or sticking to the standard plastic?
  3. Ivanf89

    Shocks upgrade for ECX Amp MT?

    What shocks are you running on your ECX AMP MT? I need new ones.
  4. R

    How can i save stock gears

    I have a 1/10 brushed 2wd Ruckus. I just put a 4000kv tazer brushles combo in. I know the gears will break soon. But what is the best adjustments i can make so that the gears last the longest?
  5. L


    Any RPM PARTS for ECX AMP MT. Need for speed
  6. Dude

    Can I upgrade my ECX AMP stock motor?

    Can I just up grade my stock motor to 35T Brushed motor without replacing the ESC?
  7. S

    New to ecx's

    I'm getting ready to get 2 dbs and 2 mts, haven't had one of these yet. Need some info. The ones I'm getting do not have controllers, can I bind any TX that has a bind button?
  8. kruzracing169

    Temper Gen 2....teaser/review

    Just picked this up from my local hobby shop. Straight out of the box, very nice. Next week I will have a complete unboxing and stock review and videos.
  9. T

    Thoughts on the ECX Temper Gen 2

    Has any one seen the Gen.2 temper? what are your guys's thoughts on it? also anyone thinking about getting it or using parts/the body from it?
  10. H

    New brushless upgrade!

    Well first time poster here I've been lurking the past month lol but I just recently bought the amp mt at my lhs and after about a week I was bored with the lack of power stock. After doing some research I was going to go with the dynamite tazer twin 2 in 1 but they didn't have it so I ended up...
  11. S

    HELP!!! Ruckus will steer but not drive!!!!

    I am still pretty new to the hobby. I have a 1/10 Ruckus 2WD When I turn her on she doesn’t make the beep noises (she’s gone mute). But I have the red light. I can steer the front end fine but when I give it throttle, No response. The light on the ecu seems like it’s getting signal when I give...
  12. Jay38

    Converting amp to circuit , tire questions

    Hello all. First time poster. So I picked up an ecx amp a 3-4 months ago for my 10 year old daughter and she loves it and gotta say so do I. So a few things have been done. Metal tranny gears with the ruckus brushed setup right now(have a ruckus that I converted to a brushless castle setup) and...
  13. Fdawg369

    1/24 Barrage Mods

    Anyone mod the lil barrage? I m looking to trick mine out, looking for suggestions,
  14. H

    Recommendations on an ESC

    So I think the ESC on my son's AMP MT has gone out again, this would be the second one now and I think I will just upgrade it. The truck will steer and go forward fine, but has lost it's reverse. Couldn't find anything in the manual about a race mode, and I tried adjusting the throttle trim...
  15. E

    Does anyone know where I can get some new ecx amp mt servo mounts?

    I really need some knew mounts and cant seem to find any.
  16. D

    ECX Circuit 2WD Upgrades

    Im new to the world of rc cars and bought a ECX CIRCUIT 1/10 2WD, can anyone suggest any performance, speed, battery etc upgrades and the best or cheapest place to order them Many thanks in advance
  17. WoodiE

    ECX Ruckus and Torment 4x4's coming

    Looks like the V4 ECX Ruckus 4x4 and ECX Torment 4x4's have just been announced and are expected to be available in early June! I really like the new paint jobs on both trucks!
  18. R

    1/24 Barrage battery connector

    what type of battery connector is on the ECX 1/24 Barrage?
  19. mattyd4201taim

    2.8 wheels on ECX AMP

    So I like running the bigger tires on the amp. 2.8 duratrax lockup but they rub on the truck body when jumping. Should I just trim the body or is there a 2.6 premounted tires? Or is there a body that fits the amp that won't rub?
  20. J

    Ecx barrage more cost

    I am wondering why the ECX barrage is more expensive then the doomsday? On amazon, the ecx barrage cost 169, and ecx doomsday is $149.