1. Trackstar_Torment

    For Sale Turnigy Trackstar 13.5t Brushless Combo for sale (ROAR approved)

    I am selling my Turnigy Trackstar 13.5t Brushless motor and Turnigy Trackstar 80a ESC combo. It is currently soldered but I can unsolder it all if you would like. It currently has an EC3 connector fitted. It also comes with the Turnigy Smart Program Box and unopened EZ fit connectors. Asking $70.
  2. L

    Ecx Circuit 2wd brushed. No throttle need help

    I have a problem with an ECX circuit i just bought recently my problem is when i turn it on the car has throttle for a short amount of time. Maybe only a couple of seconds or so. And then it just stops, and all I can do is steer. The esc Blinks red. And I don't know what that means. Help is...
  3. C

    AMP ESC-Rx/Tx Replacement Options

    Hi all, (1st post / newb) I recently picked up a used AMP MT for my 9yo son, to replace a broken “toy” RC. It worked really well for a few runs, and then started to flake out. When I turn on the truck’s power, the front servo twitches but the LED doesn’t turn on, no beep, and there is no power...
  4. D

    ECX esc failure AMP Crush

    Hi, noob here; I have a new Amp Crush, ran it twice and then issues. On start up the motor turns 3 times with the beeps, every time. No servo action throttle starts up then fails. Batteries in the car and transmitter all fine. I'm guessing the esc is fried? As well as this the gearbox trashed...
  5. brianz

    Replacement ESC

    The ESC on my son's Torment burned out (literally, started smoking) a while ago and I need to replace it. I have read a few threads here about upgrading to Goolrc brushless motor/ESC. That sure sounds fun, but I'm a little worried it'd be too fast for him (he's 8 years old.) A couple of...
  6. Taffer

    Painfully slow acceleration - AMP MT.

    I understood that the ECX amp would be slow in stock form, but what bugs me is that there is no punch at all when starting. No tire spin and very slow build up to top speed. I upgraded to a goolrc 17 turn brushed motor (cheap Chinese ebay motor) and while the top speed is a bit better, the...
  7. CumminsFan

    Mamba micro x brushless

    Anyone run this system in their temper? Thinking of running this, or the same esc with the new holmes hobbies 380 revolver
  8. T

    I'm a complete newb, please help

    Hi there, Last year we gave our son a ECX amp buggy for his birthday, he's only 7, so he runs it pretty hard. Just recently, the steering stopped working. I've searched the forum and I see posts that are similar, but I'm trying to connect all of the dots and could use some help. From what I've...
  9. Bezbezik'73

    Ruckus 2WD Upgrade? ESC, Steering Servo etc.....

    Hello! Just getting back in to this hobby after many years away, things have certainly come on a bit since my 1986 Blackfoot, so I got hold of a new/old stock Ruckus for general bashing and to learn with. After a couple of days of running stock everything (NiMh batteries at the minute), I've...
  10. T

    ESC and Transmitter upgrade for Temper

    looking to get a new esc looking to make mine faster but still a crawler. also thinking about getting a new radio any recommendations??? For the 1/18
  11. S

    HELP!!! Ruckus will steer but not drive!!!!

    I am still pretty new to the hobby. I have a 1/10 Ruckus 2WD When I turn her on she doesn’t make the beep noises (she’s gone mute). But I have the red light. I can steer the front end fine but when I give it throttle, No response. The light on the ecu seems like it’s getting signal when I give...
  12. Slim68782003

    AMP MT complete electrical overhaul.

    So I bought my son (17 yo) his first hobby grade rc for his birthday a few weeks back. I turned him loose in our local hobby and he chose an ECX Amp MT. Not knowing much about rc cars (I'm an airplane guy myself) I didn't realize that this model was on its way out... He drove his truck with...
  13. Rc resuce

    Can a ECX Ruckus 4x4 run on LiPo batteries?

    Can rukcus run a 4s lipo. On a stock chassis. Depending on what esc upgrade and motor
  14. BriaN

    Oh no.. SMOKE In my ESC- HELP!!

    I recently installed a budget amazon brushless motor and esc, (60A esc and 4370kv 4 pole motor) and I plugged in my 2S 2 cell lipo. It was working fine, I ran it for about 20 minutes, maybe more. I was doing some fun wheelies and it was going fast on my amp. After 20 minutes, the steering just...
  15. Pgotcha

    No forward motion

    brought the ruckus 4x4 brushless rc two days ago was over a friends and was charging my battery. I ended up grabbing the wrong battery and hooking it up to my ruckus . Went out played with my ruckus for about 10 mins and lost throttle , what is wrong with my ruckus ???
  16. Bloodiedbutcher

    Esc calibration

    Hello all. I’m having slight trouble with my esc I think..... I was just looking to recalibrate and I can’t seem to find out how. Anyone have any info please? Thanks in advance!!!
  17. WaterLoupe

    Need help going brushless

    I recently fried my stock brushed motor on my Torment and now I'm seeking a new one. I've decided that I would upgrade my car by going brushless. I manged to find a two cheap brushless motor/ESC combos, and I was wondering if I could have your opinion on them. I was also wondering if I were to...
  18. H

    Recommendations on an ESC

    So I think the ESC on my son's AMP MT has gone out again, this would be the second one now and I think I will just upgrade it. The truck will steer and go forward fine, but has lost it's reverse. Couldn't find anything in the manual about a race mode, and I tried adjusting the throttle trim...
  19. Maarten

    Want to go brushless...

    Hi, I want to go for a brushless setup in my ecx circuit 2wd. I was planning on going with a goolrc setup. My question is wat combo should I buy for my rc? I probably could find it out myself. But it would be a lot faster to just just ask on the forum :D.
  20. V

    Torment spins out after brushless upgrade

    I have the 4x4 torment (grey body) and recently upgraded to brushless. Now it spins out at 3/4 throttle. Wondering how to solve that issue. Everything else is stock btw