1. mrzen215

    Who doesn’t like wheelies

    3s lipo with BLX 120 and 2050 KV BL motor (outcast 4s setup)
  2. L

    Amp jump

    My son did a video submission for his class project last week. Today he wanted to jump it with the Amp. I had the Amp apart and I know it has a few ruined teeth on the spur gear. Can’t get the slipper pads to go on the new spur gear so I figure I’ll run it until it shreds. It is stock except...
  3. RC_Noob

    LiPo Noob - Need Some Help

    Hi Guys, I'm a complete RC Noob and after a bit of research I just picked up an AMP to get into the hobby. I decided to go for LiPo batteries and received a Prophet Sport Mini charger and a Reaction 30C 4000 mAh battery this afternoon along with the car. I'm trying to charge the battery but...
  4. Chuck1906

    Lipo Battery...

    So I was charging my son's "Reaction" 20C, 5000mah 3C charge rate 2S 7.4 Lipo Battery over the weekend when I noticed the battery swelling! I quickly removed the battery from the charger and took it outside fearing something may happen. I think its time to get another battery anyway as his...
  5. mhmyers

    Used a LiPo battery and now the Ruckus is dead

    Grandpa (me) figured that a 7.2 v battery is the same regardless of the material. So I bought a LiPo 7.2v battery for my 10 year old grandson's Ruckus (original version from 5 years ago). It worked great, faster than ever. Now the red light on the chassis near the power button just beeps and...
  6. Luke2567

    Can I run 3s in my ECX Torment?

    I have a brush less torment and in the book it says 2s and 5-7 NIMH but I have a 3s and wanted to use it but I'm worried it may fry the esc or motor but I was under the impression that if an esc could run 2s it could run 3 I have a brushed redcat blackout that 3s runs fine on plz help if you know
  7. Rc resuce

    Can a ECX Ruckus 4x4 run on LiPo batteries?

    Can rukcus run a 4s lipo. On a stock chassis. Depending on what esc upgrade and motor
  8. Y

    Will 2S 5000mah fit?

    Hi, I just found about the trail RC category and thinking about the Barrage Gen2 as it is so cheap. Can i use my 2S 5000mah batteries in that tray? as 30 min runtime is too short for my hikes. Also, is there another recommendation for a trail truck below 250$? Thanks!
  9. Joshnewb

    dynamite prophet precept 80W charger

    finally getting nice out in WI, snow almost gone looking to upgrade to 2s lipo looking for a reliable balance charger narrowed down to: skyrc imax b6 V2 - found many and mostly favorable reviews dynamite prohet precept - only found a few reviews, but all seemed satisfied tenergy tb6b - mostly...
  10. Joshnewb

    experience with dynamite reaction lipos?

    looking to go to lipo with my 1/10 2wd ruckus heard good things about venom and gens ace gens ace i'd need deans to ec3 adapter dynamite reaction comes with ec3 --just can't find much info on dynamite, good or bad just wanna make sure my first lipo is safe AND fun/fast/reliable
  11. J

    Help me lipo upgrade on 4wd ruckus

    I have a stock 4wd 1/10 ruckus the esc has a nickel and lipo setting I hooked up a 3s 2200 lipo to it and I have no throttle please help so my boys can play stresses dad here
  12. B

    Do I risk breaking my AMP if I use a lipo

    I plan on using this lipo battery and this lipo alarm Will using this lipo battery damage my amp? Do I have to convert anything to make it lipo compatible? thanks alot in advance, any replies will be appreciated
  13. s.delgado5650

    5200 mah 50c battery.

    Anyone run one of these in the amp mt? I ordered (2) 4000 mah 20c but got the 5200 50c instead. Im thinking they will be too big to run with stock battery strap.
  14. C

    Anyone running 3S LiPo on 2wd Torment?

    Anyone running 3S LiPo on a 2wd Torment? If so, please let me which motor/esc/pinion/spur you’re using and if you’re getting any heat issues. Wanting some inspiration for the next upgrade :)
  15. L

    Lipo charger and battery compatibility.

    Hello, didn't have a thread topic for this so I had to choose this sorry! Looking to go lipo for that extra speed and runtime. I currently have a Traxxas Aton charger that outputs 2-3 amps via the Traxxas ID port. My question is if I could use a battery with the older connector ( Traxxas high...
  16. O

    Charger reccomendations ?

    Hello , to these forums. I bought an AMP MT for my son for christmas and it looked so cool I got one for myself as well. But being new to all this I am confused about certain terms and descriptions while looking for a different charger. I plan to eventually buy some 2S lipos to run in...
  17. Cubekid1315

    Fully modifying an 1/18 torment

    Recently got a 1/18 torment and was considering modifying it, and well go big or go home... How can I fully modify this thing, like best parts best motor, best everything? Can you guys help me out?
  18. Ramjet

    Very noisy after a hot motor cool down. Did I burn up a motor or a transmission?

    My 1/10 EXC Ruckus Monster truck has been upgraded to support 3S. Besides the battery and aluminum wheel hexes, only the ESC has been upgraded because the stock ESC Horizon Hobby limits its ability to 2S, even though the ESC's manual says it supports 3S. I'm not happy about the forced upgrade I...
  19. Gothenburg85

    Ruckus lipo questions

    Hey all, been searching around, but couldn't find answers to some questions I have about upgrading from nimh to 2s lipo. My truck is a stock ECX03014 Ruckus brushless 2wd w/ AVC, with a Tenergy tb6 charger. My goal is to have better and more...
  20. Poulpinator

    4WD Ruckus stock ESC lipo 3S

    Hello guys! I bought a Ruckus 4WD with 3300kv motor and the tazer dynamite dyns2400. This things can work with a 3S lipo? thanks :)