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  1. G

    Ecx ruckus 1/10: wheels don’t move with resistance

    Hi, i have the above truck...actually two. One of the trucks won’t move on the ground but the motor will increase in rpm’s. When I lift it off the ground the wheels will spin appropriately albeit perhaps slower. Does my description make sense?
  2. NotJoe

    Ruckus 4x4 Steering/Servo Issue

    Hello, Rookie here. Just picked up used 2wd Ruckus and 4x4 Ruckus: - The 2wd steering behaves as I would expect - The 4x4 it seems like the wheels don't really turn as far - If the vehicle is stationary I can hear the servo moving but the wheels don't turn as far in either direction as my 2wd...
  3. mhmyers

    Used a LiPo battery and now the Ruckus is dead

    Grandpa (me) figured that a 7.2 v battery is the same regardless of the material. So I bought a LiPo 7.2v battery for my 10 year old grandson's Ruckus (original version from 5 years ago). It worked great, faster than ever. Now the red light on the chassis near the power button just beeps and...
  4. Fordy_c

    Reliable, quick brushless that doesn’t break the bank.

    Hi guys, So my motor went yesterday and I was about to go brushless on my Ruckus but my local shop said I really need to spend £150-£200 on a motor and esc to get much better performance which seems quite allot considering how much the car cost to buy. I was local at £80 combo set which...
  5. R

    How can i save stock gears

    I have a 1/10 brushed 2wd Ruckus. I just put a 4000kv tazer brushles combo in. I know the gears will break soon. But what is the best adjustments i can make so that the gears last the longest?
  6. Bezbezik'73

    Camber and toe link problem.

    Hi, I've recently gone brushless on my 2wd Ruckus, still on NiMh though, and my top link keeps popping off. It's not just on bashing either, a heavy turn or what have you and it's off. What beefy upgrades are available please guys? And/or solutions, 'fixes' etc. As ever, thank you, Again lol.
  7. TacoDaTugBoat

    ECX Ruckus Build Thread

    I'd like to start documenting my build here. I started with a brushed 2wd Ruckus that my dad picked up at a tag sale with a similar Circuit for $20 together. Same day I swapped out the ESC and motor for a cheap GoolRC combo that I had on hand, and swapped the RX to a Flysky that I had on...
  8. Stephen1806

    Snow casaulties

    Scx10 ii with plow nothing to report Losi 1/10 rock rey kit front suspension arm and front of cage Ecx ruckus 4wd front bumper and lights Winner Team durango short course truck Esc and motor Due to wife sautering through esc and destroying it after ripping battery leads off it.😥
  9. Jsumrall

    Hot racing help

    Working on my ruckus, 1/10 2wd. Was originally a brushed, now running a castle brushless. Broke the stock driveshafts, of course, and now looking for better ones. There’s 3 different styles of hot racing and none of them seem to have overwhelmingly positive reviews. Any of the 3 worth getting...
  10. Ramjet

    Are the stock tires different on the front and back?

    My ECX03016 - Ruckus 4WD brushless, came with Shootout MT Speedtreads tires. I've been swapping out wheels and tires quite a bit. Currently, I have all 4 removed and am about to re-mount them and noticed that one pair of tires seems to be a slightly wider (or shaped differently) than the...
  11. Jsumrall

    1/10 Ruckus 2wd need suggestions

    Stripped out the inside of the wheel hex today. Can I see pictures or hear your reviews on wheel/tires other than the stock ones. Be it aftermarket or stock wheels off of a different brand. Just seeing if I should buy new stocks or look at other options. Just FYI, I just bash in general, lots...
  12. Jsumrall

    Ruckus speed help

    I’ve got a 2wd 1/10 ruckus that was originally a brushed motor. I switched out to a castle 3800 motor/esc combo, and am using a 2s Lipo, and the top speed I can clock is 32mph. I’ve done the metal trans/differential gears, and a new spur gear due to messing the old one up. But it’s all still the...
  13. K

    Stripped differential

    Hey so I blew a tire on my 1/10 ruckus 4wd and I replaced the rear tires with a different set of the same size. The new tires didn’t balloon the same as my front tires and now I have a stripped diff. I can only find a complete diff but I only need the inside gears. You can buy the diff case and...
  14. Bezbezik'73

    Ruckus 2WD Upgrade? ESC, Steering Servo etc.....

    Hello! Just getting back in to this hobby after many years away, things have certainly come on a bit since my 1986 Blackfoot, so I got hold of a new/old stock Ruckus for general bashing and to learn with. After a couple of days of running stock everything (NiMh batteries at the minute), I've...
  15. Dmg1ndun

    Differential outside gears keep stripping.

    I had to replace the front/rear diff.gears after losing front wheel drive. And not even 2 months later im having to replace them again. Im running a 3s lipo. Has anyone had this problem? if anyone knows of a soution?
  16. sdregan70

    Question 2WD or 4WD?

    Should I start with the 2WD or 4WD? I have read the different the pros and cons for both, and I would like to know; If you could start all over how would you do it or what would you buy first?
  17. Dirtbloodj12

    Looking for Ruckus 4x4 shocks upgrades

    What aftermarket upgrade is there available for shocks looking to start upgrading things on my 1/10 rukus 4x4 monster truck
  18. Stephen1806

    4x4 ruckus problems

    Im new to rc i have a 1/10 ruckus 4x4 In 4 days managed to motors onfire through use Day 1 factory motor 13t 550 Day 2 new motor Day 3 made it 2wd 15t 540 Day 4 15t 550 titan 4x4 again Hobbyshop guy has no idea how to help me Any ideas plsthe motors almost all look like below after
  19. T

    Aluminum 12mm hex

    Hello I would like to change hex because my wheel is destroyed in 3s I would like to buy aluminum hexagons, but I come from France and the hot racing hexes are very expensive. Can I install traxxas or losi hexes? if so can you give me the links thank you
  20. S

    HELP!!! Ruckus will steer but not drive!!!!

    I am still pretty new to the hobby. I have a 1/10 Ruckus 2WD When I turn her on she doesn’t make the beep noises (she’s gone mute). But I have the red light. I can steer the front end fine but when I give it throttle, No response. The light on the ecu seems like it’s getting signal when I give...