1. CumminsFan

    Ecx temper trail truck axle swap

    Finally got around to putting back together my ecx temper. I swapped some everest 10 axles on to it. Had it's first short test drive today. Debating on whether or not to stay with the brushless and go with a mamba micro x, or go back to brushed and go with the 390 doomsday motor and a hobbywing...
  2. R

    Weighted bead lock rims Vs. Steel chains

  3. CumminsFan

    Mamba micro x brushless

    Anyone run this system in their temper? Thinking of running this, or the same esc with the new holmes hobbies 380 revolver
  4. CumminsFan

    Ecx temper driveshafts

    After i put a brushless motor in my temper it almost immediately snapped the front driveshaft. I found some short metal driveshafts on ebay, but only one side fits. Is there any driveshafts that fit without modifications? Or can i use barrage outdrives? The barrage outdrives look to be longer. I...
  5. CumminsFan

    Brushless power in my temper

    Trying out a cheap brushless combo in my temper. It's a goolrc 4 pole sensorless 4800kv motor amd esc combo. The esc isn't waterproof but I'm going to waterproof it or use a different esc. Switched to this system after a burned up my 370 latrax in the mud. I'm also running a 2s lipo.
  6. Reefguy8907

    How can I get more travel out of Temper Gen2 suspension?

    So I got a gen 2 when they first came out I have added weights inside the front wheels so far. I want to do 4 wheel steer and upgrade electronics and go brushless. But my question is how can I get more travel out of the suspension. What I want to beable to do is have the front or rear axel...
  7. CumminsFan

    ECX Temper motor upgrade

    I have a 280 in my ECX Temper now, looking at a 370 or 390 from the barrage or something else. Anyone have any experience they can share? Thanks
  8. kruzracing169

    Temper Gen 2....teaser/review

    Just picked this up from my local hobby shop. Straight out of the box, very nice. Next week I will have a complete unboxing and stock review and videos.
  9. T

    Thoughts on the ECX Temper Gen 2

    Has any one seen the Gen.2 temper? what are your guys's thoughts on it? also anyone thinking about getting it or using parts/the body from it?
  10. CumminsFan

    Driveshafts and shocks

    Anyone find a good driveshaft replacement for the temper? Will any mrc Driveshafts work on the temper? Also, does anyone have some decent shock recommendations that aren't too expensive?
  11. T

    Temper 1/24 Horizon ECX Temper

    couldn't find a definite answer, I'm sure it's on here somewhere , newbie to this , but what exact battery and model number can I upgrade to for my sons 1/24 scale Temper? I've read I can go to a LiPo battery ? It came with a 4.8v 4 cell NiMH 150 mAh It charges in 2 minutes and runs for about 5...
  12. T

    Broke Transmitter - what now?

    Got a Temper crawler for my 6 year old son and he loves it, but out on an icy pile he slipped with the transmitter in his hand and fell and this snapped the trigger off of it. These things are not very servicible. I may try to cobble something out of it in the short term, but what are my...
  13. T

    ESC and Transmitter upgrade for Temper

    looking to get a new esc looking to make mine faster but still a crawler. also thinking about getting a new radio any recommendations??? For the 1/18
  14. T

    Should I cut my Temper fenders?

    I've seen some people with the fenders on their temper body cut. i am looking for suggestions on whether i should or not i got bigger wheels on it
  15. Drew666

    ECX 1/24 temper questions

    does anyone know where you can get upgrade parts? are there any other 1/24 scale crawlers with compatible parts? have a used 1/24 temper with broken driveshaft, any upgradable driveshafts out there?
  16. S

    Upgrading all electronics?

    Upgrading to a lipo Receiver/ESC should be no problem? Motor? Every 280 Motor I see is not as good as the stock one! someone name one please? Want more torque not faster of course. Already have 1750MAH NIMH pack will not fit but managed anyways :) I am not new to this. This happens to be my...
  17. T

    Motor recommendations for my Temper

    Been looking for a good motor. To replace the stock one. Any one know of a good motor.
  18. RAW75

    Temper, Doomsday Frankenstein

  19. M

    Motor upgrade?

    Hello, My son has a 2wd torment. I was wanting to do an upgrade on motor. I've already had to replace esc. I have the dynamite 60amp on there now. Motor is starting to get hot and smell. It has the 15 turn dynamite from factory. Looking for suggestions. Thanks
  20. Zackery

    Aftermarket Driveshafts

    just checking to see if anyone has purchased any aftermarket steel driveshafts for their 1/18 Temper, if you can provide a link it would be much appreciated!!