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  1. RC_Noob

    LiPo Noob - Need Some Help

    Hi Guys, I'm a complete RC Noob and after a bit of research I just picked up an AMP to get into the hobby. I decided to go for LiPo batteries and received a Prophet Sport Mini charger and a Reaction 30C 4000 mAh battery this afternoon along with the car. I'm trying to charge the battery but...
  2. T

    Brushless AMP

    Just completed the brushless upgrade to my daughter's AMP. Now to fix the gearing ESC: MMP pro (dialed down) Motor: Reedy senseless 3300kv Battery: Venom 3200mah 20c Lipo All metal trans internals.
  3. RcTaT

    Worth upgrading ECX AMP to metal parts?

    Well I upgraded the amp, sorted the spur problem, however now the little beast goes so fast, I lost the battle with a 1:1 car wheel and I smashed the front end 😂😂😂 My question is.... is it worth getting metal parts or sticking to the standard plastic?
  4. T

    I'm a complete newb, please help

    Hi there, Last year we gave our son a ECX amp buggy for his birthday, he's only 7, so he runs it pretty hard. Just recently, the steering stopped working. I've searched the forum and I see posts that are similar, but I'm trying to connect all of the dots and could use some help. From what I've...
  5. Ivanf89

    Shocks upgrade for ECX Amp MT?

    What shocks are you running on your ECX AMP MT? I need new ones.
  6. Keil Carlson

    My current ECX AMP build

    3s lipo, 4000kv brushless motor esc, SRX200 receiver, spektrum stx2 transmitter, 20kg servo
  7. L


    Any RPM PARTS for ECX AMP MT. Need for speed
  8. Dude

    Can I upgrade my ECX AMP stock motor?

    Can I just up grade my stock motor to 35T Brushed motor without replacing the ESC?
  9. blazedpeter

    New to the Party. Here's my set up...

    Castle SW4 + Weinan 3650 4-pole 5200kv Brushless Motor + Traxxas 3 channel receiver + Traxxas 2075 Servo Stock Pinion Gear (18t) & Stock Spur Gear Running on 5000mAh 45c 2s LiPo. This ones a wheelie machine but it drives on point & the entire system runs extremely cool (y) [even w/ heavy...
  10. GA_Basher

    Battery option with stock electronics, suggestions wanted!

    Hey all, I want to get a few batteries with a quick charger and I’m looking for suggestions based on your experience. 30 minutes worth of run time (followed by 9 hours of charge) on the stock AMP/mt battery is not going to cut it, I’m having too much fun ripping around to stop! I’ve done a...
  11. S

    New to ecx's

    I'm getting ready to get 2 dbs and 2 mts, haven't had one of these yet. Need some info. The ones I'm getting do not have controllers, can I bind any TX that has a bind button?
  12. Theonlysunshine

    Ecx amp servo

    Looking for a good metal gear servo for my amp. Just burned the stock one up and want to find a good one
  13. H

    New brushless upgrade!

    Well first time poster here I've been lurking the past month lol but I just recently bought the amp mt at my lhs and after about a week I was bored with the lack of power stock. After doing some research I was going to go with the dynamite tazer twin 2 in 1 but they didn't have it so I ended up...
  14. Slim68782003

    AMP MT complete electrical overhaul.

    So I bought my son (17 yo) his first hobby grade rc for his birthday a few weeks back. I turned him loose in our local hobby and he chose an ECX Amp MT. Not knowing much about rc cars (I'm an airplane guy myself) I didn't realize that this model was on its way out... He drove his truck with...
  15. BriaN

    Paddle WHEELS?

    I wanna get something for Xmas, something that would represent the winter season, and I thought of paddle wheels for my amp! I was wondering if anyone had expirience with paddle wheels and ECXs, anyone know of any that are not too big, heavy and are the right hex size?
  16. Jay38

    Converting amp to circuit , tire questions

    Hello all. First time poster. So I picked up an ecx amp a 3-4 months ago for my 10 year old daughter and she loves it and gotta say so do I. So a few things have been done. Metal tranny gears with the ruckus brushed setup right now(have a ruckus that I converted to a brushless castle setup) and...
  17. BriaN

    I need a new metal servo IMMEDIATELY

    I really need a metal servo for my ECX amp, I bought one on amazon, but it is way too big for the amp, even though it is for 1/10. Can someone leave a link of a metal servo that fits the ECX amp perfectly? Please? Thank you!
  18. J

    Tire Recommendations for Amp Buggy

    Hello all, I am currently running my newly bought ECX Amp on the local Off-road dirt track. It is slightly dusty/dry but mostly packed dirt. The car is completely stock as of now. It has trouble biting into the track and spins out way too easily taking turns flat out. Is this a tire issue at...
  19. BriaN

    Steering not working

    I was using my ECX amp, perfectly find, and now it does not work. The motor spun and the wheels moved, but the front two wheels did not turn on my ECX. I took out the Servo and tried out the steering, and it did NOT work, does anyone else have this problem? I fully charged my lipo and...
  20. BriaN

    Strange gear sound in amp? Need help

    I just installed a brushless combo into my amp,and it looks very fast compared to stock, But I hear this clicking sound whenever I press the trigger. The website does not let me attach a video, so it is hard to describe the noise. I have a fan on the esc, but there is still a sound coming for...