1. Trackstar_Torment

    For Sale Turnigy Trackstar 13.5t Brushless Combo for sale (ROAR approved)

    I am selling my Turnigy Trackstar 13.5t Brushless motor and Turnigy Trackstar 80a ESC combo. It is currently soldered but I can unsolder it all if you would like. It currently has an EC3 connector fitted. It also comes with the Turnigy Smart Program Box and unopened EZ fit connectors. Asking $70.
  2. CumminsFan

    Ecx temper trail truck axle swap

    Finally got around to putting back together my ecx temper. I swapped some everest 10 axles on to it. Had it's first short test drive today. Debating on whether or not to stay with the brushless and go with a mamba micro x, or go back to brushed and go with the 390 doomsday motor and a hobbywing...
  3. T

    Brushless AMP

    Just completed the brushless upgrade to my daughter's AMP. Now to fix the gearing ESC: MMP pro (dialed down) Motor: Reedy senseless 3300kv Battery: Venom 3200mah 20c Lipo All metal trans internals.
  4. CumminsFan

    Mamba micro x brushless

    Anyone run this system in their temper? Thinking of running this, or the same esc with the new holmes hobbies 380 revolver
  5. CumminsFan

    Brushless power in my temper

    Trying out a cheap brushless combo in my temper. It's a goolrc 4 pole sensorless 4800kv motor amd esc combo. The esc isn't waterproof but I'm going to waterproof it or use a different esc. Switched to this system after a burned up my 370 latrax in the mud. I'm also running a 2s lipo.
  6. Fordy_c

    Reliable, quick brushless that doesn’t break the bank.

    Hi guys, So my motor went yesterday and I was about to go brushless on my Ruckus but my local shop said I really need to spend £150-£200 on a motor and esc to get much better performance which seems quite allot considering how much the car cost to buy. I was local at £80 combo set which...
  7. R

    How can i save stock gears

    I have a 1/10 brushed 2wd Ruckus. I just put a 4000kv tazer brushles combo in. I know the gears will break soon. But what is the best adjustments i can make so that the gears last the longest?
  8. KyleRC

    Brushless motor question

    Does anyone know the difference between 3660 motors and 550s I’ve never had a 550 and was wondering why there are different numbers for motors. Is it possible 36XX motors are just a different measure. Let me know what you think thanks!
  9. Jsumrall

    Ruckus speed help

    I’ve got a 2wd 1/10 ruckus that was originally a brushed motor. I switched out to a castle 3800 motor/esc combo, and am using a 2s Lipo, and the top speed I can clock is 32mph. I’ve done the metal trans/differential gears, and a new spur gear due to messing the old one up. But it’s all still the...
  10. Alexandrosroma

    Torment 4x4 3S brushless

    Hallo, I would like to have all the information about the possibility to use the Torment 4x4 with 3S Lipo batteries and putting on a brushless system (3600kv motor) Samurai combo maybe. I have to change transmission using metal gears? Where buy the up? Thanks
  11. R

    Brushless Gearing

    New to SCT trucks just ordered a 4300kv brushless for the Torment. Do I need to change spur or pinion. Any suggestions. Did order metal trans gears and upgraded drive shafts also in case they twist
  12. WaterLoupe

    Left Rear Axle Locked

    I've had my 2wd Torment for a while, and I recently replaced its stock motor with a brand new brushless one. The first run went well, but when I took it out for a second the next day, I encountered a significant problem. For some odd reason, my left rear axle just decides to completely lock up...
  13. BriaN

    Strange gear sound in amp? Need help

    I just installed a brushless combo into my amp,and it looks very fast compared to stock, But I hear this clicking sound whenever I press the trigger. The website does not let me attach a video, so it is hard to describe the noise. I have a fan on the esc, but there is still a sound coming for...
  14. BriaN

    Brushless gearing

    I’m thinking about buying either a Kinexsis brushless combo 4000 KV with a 70A esc Or a eBay Ocday Brushless combo- 5200 KV and a 60A esc, and I want the combo to be waterproof, does anyone have any advice for waterproof combos? Another question- if I was running the Ocday system, what gearing...
  15. WaterLoupe

    Need help going brushless

    I recently fried my stock brushed motor on my Torment and now I'm seeking a new one. I've decided that I would upgrade my car by going brushless. I manged to find a two cheap brushless motor/ESC combos, and I was wondering if I could have your opinion on them. I was also wondering if I were to...
  16. Maarten

    Want to go brushless...

    Hi, I want to go for a brushless setup in my ecx circuit 2wd. I was planning on going with a goolrc setup. My question is wat combo should I buy for my rc? I probably could find it out myself. But it would be a lot faster to just just ask on the forum :D.
  17. kejkla

    Combo decision

    Hello guys I want to buy some brushless combo for my 2wd ruckus because my stock brushed esc died and go only backward... I cant decide witch one to choose. I want to go 2s(5000mAh 20C) and stock 87t spur gear. My budget is 30-70$ for ESC,motor,pinion(cheaper=better). Can you please help me...
  18. Moldorak

    My Amp with Baja Bug body

    I know bodies are a hot topic as the stock one isn't very strong and the size / shape of the car make it hard to find compatible ons. Here's the body of the FTX Bugsta (17.90€). Some small hobbyking body posts extensions in the rear and 4 holes later it's looking good! Amp baja bug body from...
  19. S

    Brushless Gearing Help

    Hey Everyone, I had a 3800kv brushless motor on my amp with a 20T pinion. Well the motor fried on me and when I ordered a replacement they sent me a 3100kv motor, when I pointed out the error they refunded me and said keep it, so sweet, free motor! Well now when I run my truck with the same 20T...
  20. Truggy09

    Torment 4x4 motor upgrade

    Just your thoughts. Goolrc 3500 KV 60 amp esc 5200 3S lipo. Should be pretty much the same as the traxxas 4x4 with brushless and 3 s lipo. Anybody out there running something similar to this ?