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monster truck

  1. RcTaT

    Worth upgrading ECX AMP to metal parts?

    Well I upgraded the amp, sorted the spur problem, however now the little beast goes so fast, I lost the battle with a 1:1 car wheel and I smashed the front end 😂😂😂 My question is.... is it worth getting metal parts or sticking to the standard plastic?
  2. weave

    ECX Axe

    Hey guys, just got my hands on the New ECX T.S.F.D AXE Monster Truck and love it. If you like your AMP you will like the AXE. Horizon is slowly making improvements on there low end trucks. They have gone to the Spectrum radios and receivers and the the battery compartment is separate from the...
  3. MaX-D

    ECX Brutus Monster Truck

    Coming soon from ECX is the 1/10th scaled Brutus Monster Truck. The Brutus has a nicely scaled body that looks just like the full sized Brutus. Soon you will be able to drive the rc version in your own backyard! The Brutus comes on ECX’s highly capable 2wd 1/10 off-road chassis and comes...
  4. Fordy_c

    Reliable, quick brushless that doesn’t break the bank.

    Hi guys, So my motor went yesterday and I was about to go brushless on my Ruckus but my local shop said I really need to spend £150-£200 on a motor and esc to get much better performance which seems quite allot considering how much the car cost to buy. I was local at £80 combo set which...
  5. Ivanf89

    Shocks upgrade for ECX Amp MT?

    What shocks are you running on your ECX AMP MT? I need new ones.
  6. Keil Carlson

    My current ECX AMP build

    3s lipo, 4000kv brushless motor esc, SRX200 receiver, spektrum stx2 transmitter, 20kg servo
  7. L


    Any RPM PARTS for ECX AMP MT. Need for speed
  8. Dude

    Can I upgrade my ECX AMP stock motor?

    Can I just up grade my stock motor to 35T Brushed motor without replacing the ESC?
  9. Slim68782003

    AMP MT complete electrical overhaul.

    So I bought my son (17 yo) his first hobby grade rc for his birthday a few weeks back. I turned him loose in our local hobby and he chose an ECX Amp MT. Not knowing much about rc cars (I'm an airplane guy myself) I didn't realize that this model was on its way out... He drove his truck with...
  10. E

    Does anyone know where I can get some new ecx amp mt servo mounts?

    I really need some knew mounts and cant seem to find any.
  11. Aero1987

    Ruckus monster truck 1/18

    Want to upgrade to a brushless motor and a new esc whatis the best to get for cheap
  12. Fdnavy

    AMP MT General Upgrade Questions

    i just up graded my sons amp mt with a kinexis 4000kv brushless with included esc, metal gears, flysky GT-3C radio with included receiver, and a 5000mah 2s lipo. Car is now fast as f***. There are a few things I am not sure about. 1. The throttle trigger is reversed. When I pull back the car...
  13. Sadowsky66

    Amp MT

    what transmission fluid weight should I use in the amp MT
  14. RookieBasher_92

    Performance increasing advice for my AMP's stock parts?

    Are there any tricks I can do to gain better performance out of my Amp's stock parts? I will be upgrading REAL slow over time. But for now want to know if and how I can milk all I can out of my Amp before spending hard earned dollars on upgrades. Thanks!
  15. E

    Can I put a traxxas slash body on my amp mt

    I would like to put a Traxxas slash body on my Ecx amp mt with the stock body mount so I would just drill some holes where it would go. But I don't know if it would be too long or to short, Too wide or too skinny. Could somebody help me.
  16. Sadowsky66

    Ecx amp MT receiver help????

    My son has a ecx amp truck with the esc and receiver all in one. They say you can buy the ecx 13003 receiver and use the same remote. The ecx 13003 is on back order everywhere does any one know another way to use the same remote and just buy the receiver to up grade the esc?
  17. C

    Reverse Only

    My son got a new MT AMP for Christmas. Only ran about 4 batteries through it and after the last run it now only goes in reverse When we turn it on it beeps, pauses and then beeps three times. I think they get higher in pitch. We tried to re-calibrate it making sure: throttle not reversed...
  18. D

    ESC going into protect mode too early?

    Hello All, I bought an ECX amp MT for my son and he loves it. Together, This is our first hobby grade R/C car. We have been learning a lot and changing things out as we go but there is one thing i cannot find an answer to in the internet: We are running a Dynamite 60a ESC (DYNS2210) with a...
  19. Tamyosho

    Did your Amp MT RTR come with sealed bearing?

    IIRC when I built the Amp kit, and when I serviced my Ruckus 2WD brushless, the rear bearings were not sealed. I just bought an Amp RTR to make it into a cheap racing machine and the rear bearings are sealed. Just wondering if ECX changed this or if it's normal.
  20. Jeb

    Amp MT’s are a incredible learning tool in the world of racing

    I’ll make this as quick as possible. I got my son an Amp build kit last Christmas. I thought it would be fun and teach him some basic mechanics. My last build was a Futaba FX-10 many many years ago. We had so much fun with it, that I decided to get one for myself. I built mine with the Kinexis...