1. L

    Will Traxxas Slash wheels fit the ECX Torment 4x4?

    So I keep reading that 2WD Slash rims fit, but on the 4x4 Torment is it Slash front or Slash rear rims?
  2. VikingRC

    TORMENT 4X4 upgraded - Max GPS speed testing

    Just for fun...overpowered of course! On road @ twilight short speed run bursts PR. Honest. *** 72 MPH *** for 2 secs...and without crashing! Wheelies mid way Specs...not rtr but trial and error. Chassis - ECX Torment 1/10 (2nd) Bumpers - T-Bone Racing Body - ProLine Brute MT...
  3. VikingRC

    Black Project Torment 4x4 upgraded

    After much throwaway brushed esc wheels shocks hubs spurs... Stock Mobil 1 syn greased f/r metal diffs... 13T+39T 1:3 ratio after breaking 4 sets with diff fluid... since April 2019. Stock 3rd center alu driveshaft on broken diffs 4S 50C basher... Hobbywing 4268SL 2600kv 5mm brushless motor...
  4. CraigW

    First ECX Torment upgrades for basher?

    I bought my sons the torment and the ruckus for christmas and they love them. I'm trying to get them off the xbox more! We are bashing them... Homemade ramps and carolina clay durt! So what are the best first upgrades for bashing? We definately want more drive time. We like to run them wide open...
  5. Luke2567

    Can I run 3s in my ECX Torment?

    I have a brush less torment and in the book it says 2s and 5-7 NIMH but I have a 3s and wanted to use it but I'm worried it may fry the esc or motor but I was under the impression that if an esc could run 2s it could run 3 I have a brushed redcat blackout that 3s runs fine on plz help if you know
  6. WithinU

    The wait is over!!

    Santa did good this year, and my son is tickled to death, especially since I was good too and Santa brought me a similar truck to drive with him. Didn't get much test time with them, but what little I did get, they are just what I wanted. I did purchase 2 8.4v NIMH hump packs, I didn't realize...
  7. Alexandrosroma

    Torment 4x4 3S brushless

    Hallo, I would like to have all the information about the possibility to use the Torment 4x4 with 3S Lipo batteries and putting on a brushless system (3600kv motor) Samurai combo maybe. I have to change transmission using metal gears? Where buy the up? Thanks
  8. bobmcgill

    Biggest wheels compatible with torment (just for bashing)

    Hello! I am not really interested in the brand, but what would be the largest size wheels I could put on a torment. It is just for fun and not interested in anything like official size for racing. Thank you!
  9. R

    Brushless Gearing

    New to SCT trucks just ordered a 4300kv brushless for the Torment. Do I need to change spur or pinion. Any suggestions. Did order metal trans gears and upgraded drive shafts also in case they twist
  10. WaterLoupe

    Left Rear Axle Locked

    I've had my 2wd Torment for a while, and I recently replaced its stock motor with a brand new brushless one. The first run went well, but when I took it out for a second the next day, I encountered a significant problem. For some odd reason, my left rear axle just decides to completely lock up...
  11. D

    ecx torment traction

    looking for advice to help with traction on my 2wd brushed torment truck. i was running on hard pack dirt, slightly wetted down and fairly smooth. im new to this and was wondering if different tires would be better than the stock originals. thank you. adam
  12. K

    Battery recommendation for 1/18 4wd Torment ?

    Hi, I am newbie to RC. Could you recommend a Nimh or Lipo battery for 1/18 4wd Torment ?
  13. WaterLoupe

    Need help going brushless

    I recently fried my stock brushed motor on my Torment and now I'm seeking a new one. I've decided that I would upgrade my car by going brushless. I manged to find a two cheap brushless motor/ESC combos, and I was wondering if I could have your opinion on them. I was also wondering if I were to...
  14. WaterLoupe

    What's wrong with my motor?

    Hi everyone, I'm somewhat new to this hobby so go easy on me. I've had my 2wd brushed Torment for a while now and it's been running fine until recently. Not too long ago I ran it and the motor began to smoke a tiny bit. Not only that, but the motor was really hot. Concerned, I stopped using it...
  15. D

    Is the receiver broken? Steering problem

    Totally new to RC cars and need help solving a problem with the electronics. Have an ECX torment that my son has been using. The problem is turning the steering wheel on the transmitter doesn’t cause the wheels to turn. I’ve tried a number of troubleshooting things. I was able to get the...
  16. SaturnsVoid

    Thinking of buying a Torment 1/10 RTR 4WD

    This is the set i plan to buy: I have a Smart Charger for the NiMH, but i also have some 1200mAh 30C 7.4 Lipo batteries i bought for a Airsoft gun a few years back, they have the small deans, just...
  17. Ryanmxx95

    Barely any upgrade parts for the 4x4s?

    So is there a reason there is barely any aftermarket parts, or even upgrade parts from ECX for the torment 4x4? I can't even find RPM A-Arms, only for the torment 2wd, would those work on the 4WD?
  18. J

    broke driveshaft on 2wd torment

    broke driveshaft on 2wd torment, anybody know of a metal or aluminum replacement? As things break i'd like to upgrade parts, but i'm only seeing plastic on the websites that i look at for parts. Thanks
  19. WoodiE

    ECX Ruckus and Torment 4x4's coming

    Looks like the V4 ECX Ruckus 4x4 and ECX Torment 4x4's have just been announced and are expected to be available in early June! I really like the new paint jobs on both trucks!
  20. BowHunt3r

    Stripped Gears

    My son has a stock torment. It looks like he has stripped the gears. When he gives it gas the wheels turn some but only if the rear is off the ground. What do you recommend for a metal gears. Thanks.