1. C

    Brushless Motor & ESC Upgrade - ECX AMP

    My stock Dynamite DYN1171 20T brushed motor recently lost a brush, so I need to replace the motor. It’s cheap to replace the stock motor ($25), but it’s also a good time to upgrade to brushless. What’s a decent, low cost (<$100) brushless motor & ESC combo? I’ve heard mixed opinions about the...
  2. Trackstar_Torment

    For Sale Turnigy Trackstar 13.5t Brushless Combo for sale (ROAR approved)

    I am selling my Turnigy Trackstar 13.5t Brushless motor and Turnigy Trackstar 80a ESC combo. It is currently soldered but I can unsolder it all if you would like. It currently has an EC3 connector fitted. It also comes with the Turnigy Smart Program Box and unopened EZ fit connectors. Asking $70.
  3. Taffer

    Painfully slow acceleration - AMP MT.

    I understood that the ECX amp would be slow in stock form, but what bugs me is that there is no punch at all when starting. No tire spin and very slow build up to top speed. I upgraded to a goolrc 17 turn brushed motor (cheap Chinese ebay motor) and while the top speed is a bit better, the...
  4. CumminsFan

    Mamba micro x brushless

    Anyone run this system in their temper? Thinking of running this, or the same esc with the new holmes hobbies 380 revolver
  5. CumminsFan

    Brushless power in my temper

    Trying out a cheap brushless combo in my temper. It's a goolrc 4 pole sensorless 4800kv motor amd esc combo. The esc isn't waterproof but I'm going to waterproof it or use a different esc. Switched to this system after a burned up my 370 latrax in the mud. I'm also running a 2s lipo.
  6. CumminsFan

    ECX Temper motor upgrade

    I have a 280 in my ECX Temper now, looking at a 370 or 390 from the barrage or something else. Anyone have any experience they can share? Thanks
  7. Dude

    Can I upgrade my ECX AMP stock motor?

    Can I just up grade my stock motor to 35T Brushed motor without replacing the ESC?
  8. KyleRC

    Brushless motor question

    Does anyone know the difference between 3660 motors and 550s I’ve never had a 550 and was wondering why there are different numbers for motors. Is it possible 36XX motors are just a different measure. Let me know what you think thanks!
  9. S

    HELP!!! Ruckus will steer but not drive!!!!

    I am still pretty new to the hobby. I have a 1/10 Ruckus 2WD When I turn her on she doesn’t make the beep noises (she’s gone mute). But I have the red light. I can steer the front end fine but when I give it throttle, No response. The light on the ecu seems like it’s getting signal when I give...
  10. T

    Motor recommendations for my Temper

    Been looking for a good motor. To replace the stock one. Any one know of a good motor.
  11. WaterLoupe

    Need help going brushless

    I recently fried my stock brushed motor on my Torment and now I'm seeking a new one. I've decided that I would upgrade my car by going brushless. I manged to find a two cheap brushless motor/ESC combos, and I was wondering if I could have your opinion on them. I was also wondering if I were to...
  12. WaterLoupe

    What's wrong with my motor?

    Hi everyone, I'm somewhat new to this hobby so go easy on me. I've had my 2wd brushed Torment for a while now and it's been running fine until recently. Not too long ago I ran it and the motor began to smoke a tiny bit. Not only that, but the motor was really hot. Concerned, I stopped using it...
  13. M

    Motor upgrade?

    Hello, My son has a 2wd torment. I was wanting to do an upgrade on motor. I've already had to replace esc. I have the dynamite 60amp on there now. Motor is starting to get hot and smell. It has the 15 turn dynamite from factory. Looking for suggestions. Thanks
  14. Fdnavy

    Motor mount issue

    Does anyone else have a problem with the motor shifting away from the pinion gear after jumps? No matter how much I tighten the motor mount screws the motor still shifts ever so slightly away and I have to stop running the car open it up and re adjust the motor. This is with an upgraded Kinexis...
  15. A

    Motor upgrades for ECX Ruckus?

    I purchase the 1/10 for Pro 3000 KV motor and ESC combo 2 upgrading my RC. Do I need to do a upgrade on my slipper gear to metal instead of it being plastic? I have already upgraded my differential gears to metal. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  16. Mongol Pete

    Nice Affordable Brushless Combo (Amp)

    I am very pleased with the fit and performance of this Hobbywing WP10BL50/3300kv combo. It was $44 shipped.
  17. Biggidy_1

    Torment with arrma blx motor

    So I'm trying to figure out how to install a traxxas type slipper on my torment for the purpose of running traxxas style spur gears. But can't seem to figure out how to make the spur gear stick out more to line up with the pinion gear. Will this work by using a Traxxas slipper clutch or is...
  18. Chuck1906

    Upgrading to Brushless…educate me...

    I think I have replaced the motor in my son's Ruckus about 4-5 times now since I bought it and I think its time to go brushless. I am still new to the whole RC world so I need some suggestions on a good brushless motor set up. My son is 6 and can handle the Ruckus most of the time. If the...
  19. mattyd4201taim

    What do you think of the Castle Sidewinder 3?

    So I just ordered these off horizon and wanted to know what every one thinks? Also ordered the wrong battery for the connection type any ideas? Or will I need a different one?
  20. D

    Gearing for Brood racing frenzy motor?

    was wondering if anyone has used this motor and what gears were used...I believe it’s a 22t