1. Yazman

    Brushless upgrade for 2wd Stadium - What do I need?

    Hello. I bought a Stadium 2wd for $75 used. I've had a blast bashing with it, and I've ordered 2s 5000ma lipos. I'm considering a brushless Onyx 4000kv motor and esc, but I don't know what all is involved. Will I need a new receiver? Metal gears? I don't want to break stuff yet, just bash with...
  2. K

    Gear upgrade question ECX Circuit 2wd

    I have an ECX circuit 2wd and I'm looking to upgrade by pinion and spur. Currently I'm running the stock 87t spur and a 21t pinion I bought from Hot Racing. I would like to swap my pinion to a 26t but I don't know what size spur to upgrade to. What size spur is safe and how should i go about...
  3. C

    Brushless Motor & ESC Upgrade - ECX AMP

    My stock Dynamite DYN1171 20T brushed motor recently lost a brush, so I need to replace the motor. It’s cheap to replace the stock motor ($25), but it’s also a good time to upgrade to brushless. What’s a decent, low cost (<$100) brushless motor & ESC combo? I’ve heard mixed opinions about the...
  4. C

    AMP ESC-Rx/Tx Replacement Options

    Hi all, (1st post / newb) I recently picked up a used AMP MT for my 9yo son, to replace a broken “toy” RC. It worked really well for a few runs, and then started to flake out. When I turn on the truck’s power, the front servo twitches but the LED doesn’t turn on, no beep, and there is no power...
  5. T

    Brushless AMP

    Just completed the brushless upgrade to my daughter's AMP. Now to fix the gearing ESC: MMP pro (dialed down) Motor: Reedy senseless 3300kv Battery: Venom 3200mah 20c Lipo All metal trans internals.
  6. RcTaT

    Worth upgrading ECX AMP to metal parts?

    Well I upgraded the amp, sorted the spur problem, however now the little beast goes so fast, I lost the battle with a 1:1 car wheel and I smashed the front end ??? My question is.... is it worth getting metal parts or sticking to the standard plastic?
  7. VikingRC

    Black Project Torment 4x4 upgraded

    After much throwaway brushed esc wheels shocks hubs spurs... Stock Mobil 1 syn greased f/r metal diffs... 13T+39T 1:3 ratio after breaking 4 sets with diff fluid... since April 2019. Stock 3rd center alu driveshaft on broken diffs 4S 50C basher... Hobbywing 4268SL 2600kv 5mm brushless motor...
  8. Fordy_c

    Reliable, quick brushless that doesn’t break the bank.

    Hi guys, So my motor went yesterday and I was about to go brushless on my Ruckus but my local shop said I really need to spend £150-£200 on a motor and esc to get much better performance which seems quite allot considering how much the car cost to buy. I was local at £80 combo set which...
  9. Ivanf89

    Shocks upgrade for ECX Amp MT?

    What shocks are you running on your ECX AMP MT? I need new ones.
  10. CumminsFan

    ECX Temper motor upgrade

    I have a 280 in my ECX Temper now, looking at a 370 or 390 from the barrage or something else. Anyone have any experience they can share? Thanks
  11. R

    How can i save stock gears

    I have a 1/10 brushed 2wd Ruckus. I just put a 4000kv tazer brushles combo in. I know the gears will break soon. But what is the best adjustments i can make so that the gears last the longest?
  12. GA_Basher

    Flysky radios

    Anyone have any experience with these? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323312555084 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F382809538538 Price is right, I’ve bought a used buggy on eBay to setup for...
  13. Dude

    Can I upgrade my ECX AMP stock motor?

    Can I just up grade my stock motor to 35T Brushed motor without replacing the ESC?
  14. GA_Basher

    Battery option with stock electronics, suggestions wanted!

    Hey all, I want to get a few batteries with a quick charger and I’m looking for suggestions based on your experience. 30 minutes worth of run time (followed by 9 hours of charge) on the stock AMP/mt battery is not going to cut it, I’m having too much fun ripping around to stop! I’ve done a...
  15. CumminsFan

    Driveshafts and shocks

    Anyone find a good driveshaft replacement for the temper? Will any mrc Driveshafts work on the temper? Also, does anyone have some decent shock recommendations that aren't too expensive?
  16. Bezbezik'73

    Ruckus 2WD Upgrade? ESC, Steering Servo etc.....

    Hello! Just getting back in to this hobby after many years away, things have certainly come on a bit since my 1986 Blackfoot, so I got hold of a new/old stock Ruckus for general bashing and to learn with. After a couple of days of running stock everything (NiMh batteries at the minute), I've...
  17. CraigW

    First ECX Torment upgrades for basher?

    I bought my sons the torment and the ruckus for christmas and they love them. I'm trying to get them off the xbox more! We are bashing them... Homemade ramps and carolina clay durt! So what are the best first upgrades for bashing? We definately want more drive time. We like to run them wide open...
  18. T

    ESC and Transmitter upgrade for Temper

    looking to get a new esc looking to make mine faster but still a crawler. also thinking about getting a new radio any recommendations??? For the 1/18
  19. Dirtbloodj12

    Looking for Ruckus 4x4 shocks upgrades

    What aftermarket upgrade is there available for shocks looking to start upgrading things on my 1/10 rukus 4x4 monster truck
  20. Drew666

    ECX 1/24 temper questions

    does anyone know where you can get upgrade parts? are there any other 1/24 scale crawlers with compatible parts? have a used 1/24 temper with broken driveshaft, any upgradable driveshafts out there?